Abstract of Faust, James E. “Standing in Holy Places.”

Faust, James E. “Standing in Holy Places.” Ensign 36 (May 2006): 62, 67-68. [Mormon/Sacred Space]
Because of the encroachments of the world in our lives, in order to be holy we must stand in holy places. Elder
Faust mentions three: the temple, home, and chapel, but he concentrates mostly on the Temple. Temples are
our most holy and sacred places. He defines holiness and explains that it is achieved by faith and obedience; it
is the standard of righteousness. He illustrates this with quotes from Brigham Young, President Hinckley about
the need to leave the noise and tumult of the world occasionally, and a great statement about Joseph Smith Sr.,
in the temple. “Holiness to the Lord” used to be found on many of our buildings, now a vanished reminder of
faith and devotion. Temples will help us secure holiness of character. “In our desire to create in our people
more commitment to the holy work of the temple, we must urge them to look deeper to the profound spiritual
meaning to be found there.” President Hinckley is cited on the blessings to be obtained in the temple. President
Faust concludes by saying, “We should go to the temple…to safeguard our personal holiness and that of
our families.” We must try harder to be a holy people.
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