Temple Bibliographies

Updated 25 September 2015
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This section is devoted to entries which contain or are about bibliographies of the temple.
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[Israel/Near East/Egypt/Rome/Greek/Christian/Mormon]

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[Israel/Solomon/Second Temple/Herod/Christian/Design/Archaeology/Ritual/Liturgy/Worship]

“This bibliography includes the most pertinent works cited in the preceding chapters as well as additional publications. They are organized here into five major sections: 1) Jerusalem Temple: Its description and Archaeological Evidence; 2) Worship in the Temple; (3) Jesus and the Temple; 4) Jesus’ Followers and the Temple; and 5) General Materials.” (p. 261)

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[Israel/Qumran/Temple Scroll]

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[Israel/Qumran/Temple Scroll]

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[Israel/Qumran/Temple Scroll]

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[Israel/Second Temple/Herod]

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[Israel/Second Temple/Herod]

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[Near East/Mesopotamia/Canaan/Israel/Egypt/Rome/Greek/Mormon]

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[Israel/Qumran/Temple Scroll]

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[Israel/Mesopotamia/Near East/Canaan/Egypt/Rome/Greek/Qumran/Christian/Tabernacle/Solomon/Second Temple/Herod/New Temple/Heavenly Temple]

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